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From Russia with love -By Marcia Ramalho, Mar 30, 2020

Every coin has two sides. You look at it and then to the sky and see it deeply blue. Clear and restful blue. The streets are empty, no smoke of hurrying towards useless destinations, parents playing with their safe children, stores full of fruits and vegetables, tranquilizers for the weak and medicines for the sick, no one is being kidnapped, mugged or stabbed. Books are being read, games are being played.

The only sad note is the longing feeling from trees and grass in the parks, kept away from our contemplation and laughter.

On one side of the coin are the overwhelming news that television spews, the “nearly 4 billion under lockdown worldwide”, the panic of the uninformed, the submission to dangerous vaccines, the disinformation and contradiction in social media, the lying curves of projection of infected, numbers that can never be contested related to death toll and hospitalizations, the uncertainty about the duration of the lockdown and the prospect of being maintained for “a matter of weeks”, the rush of laboratories to develop tests and remedies to profit from the frightened people, the stock market that navigates like the fake Titanic in search of a non-existent iceberg to reach a crash down worse than 9/11 and 2008, the uncertainty about jobs and wages, the news about the uselessness of masks, people being fined for not keeping a “social distance”, the insane guidelines issued by one of the tentacles of the world government called WHO, the planes that China and Russia sent to Italy (a NATO country) to fight the “epidemic”, the sudden order of full lockdown issued by the government of India, NY City Hall and Moscow, doctors who know the truth being banned from all media, the emptiness of hospitals and emergency centers, the lies claiming “we’re going to have millions of cases” and “between 100k & 200k deaths”, the extension of coronavirus guidelines until April 30, an economic depression, millions of lost jobs, celebrities staging pathetic acts on Twitter and Instagram or sending code messages to pedophile friends, the liberals and the Deep State launching virulent campaigns against political opponents, the population thinking they will be attacked or lose their civil rights, human ants crushed by invisible enemies hungry for blood.

And on the other side of the coin? What if there is a secret crisis cabinet calmly monitoring the situation through vast global control centers, dispatching orders to presidents and prime ministers in planned and successive waves of closure and control in their respective cities and countries for the good of all nations despite the hysteria from the Deep State and controlled corporate midia? What if parents will finally be able to choose healthy home schooling for their children? What if people would start planting vegetable gardens in their houses or decide never to leave the country life again? What if the news “death toll in Italy exceeds 10,000, with more than 92,000 infected” can be translated as “the number of criminals killed in Italy exceeds 10,000, with more than 92,000 under arrest”? What if only normal death amount are used to blame a “coronavirus”? What if the near future there will be around 10 days of complete darkness on the internet and in the media so that military drones can better monitor the underground veins of cities in search of criminals? What if Vladimir Putin sent nine Russian II-76 cargo planes with “military” experts and large trucks to the military base of Pratica di Mare near Rome at the request of Italian premier Giuseppe because the bankrupt country is controlled by undercover mafias and crime syndicates disguised in fashion conglomerates and banks? What if the staff of “experts” sent by China and Russia are a team of military special agents – the polite people – with the mission to annihilate criminals and dismantle crime networks, especially in Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna? What if the pedophilia and human sacrifice networks are being highly monitored worldwide thanks to the lockdown? What if celebrities like Madonna, Trudeau, Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, kings and Vatican people are under house arrest or even in GITMO (Cuba)? If Alec Baldwin, Anderson Cooper, Ben Affleck, Oprah Winfey, Paul Mellon, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Will Smith, Barack Obama, David Koch and Lynn Forester De Rothchild are on the list of the “joyful” regulars flights and cruises to Epstein Island ? If celebrities are panicking because their handlers can no longer give them instructions? What if the coronavirus was created not to kill, only to scare people? What if the newly created hospitals and morgues around the world and the list of deaths are only related to the criminals being hunted and eliminated? What if Moscow expelled the Rothchilds from Venezuela and now owns its strategic reserves and an important military base in South America? What if there is no more gold for sale due to immense demand? What if the Bretton Woods international monetary agreement of 1944 signed by 730 delegates from all 44 Allied nations soon will be replaced by a gold standard? What if Charles de Gaulle and Richard Nixon were the same person looking to terminate the convertibility of the US dollar to gold and annihilate France’s gold reserve simultaneously? What if the whole worldwide lockdown was put into action so that the good guys can replace the systems created by the Deep State criminals parasites for a new international financial system and a new internet in addition to other innovative measures?

The world is more than a two-sided coin. It has multiple dimensions. You can live in a dark room, in a basement full of mices, or yet in a room where the sun’s rays play with crystal chandelier pendants turning them into iridescent beams of light. Each human ant chooses the dimension in which he prefers to live and the stories he prefer to believe. Life after all is just a matter of a few seconds before eternity and the brief moment when everyone will find their end.

“From Russia with love” was written on the military trucks sent to Italy by Moscow.
“With love” has several meanings in the language of Russian “polite people”.

Copyright © Marcia Ramalho, The Blue, 2020

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