Putin addressed the nation.

He did not announce quarantine, but he offered economic support to people and industries.
In Russia, paid non working week has been declared. Doctors are doing everything possible to minimize the spread of coronavirus so the situation doesn’t gets to the point like in the other countries. But everyone can feel the harm done to the economy. Because of that Putin outlined measures to support small and medium-sized businesses which suffer most. Postponement of tax payment for 6 months, deferral of loans and increase of taxes on income withdrawn abroad. It is a support of those who suffer from the economic crisis and it’s the call for the rich to share with people at a difficult moment – the times of withdrawal of money to offshores are over. And small businesses get help. The State will support families with multiple children with monthly payments, increase benefits to those who have lost their jobs. Voting on the amendments to the Constitution is postponed to a later date, but payments to the veterans dedicated to the 75th Victory anniversary must be made before the holiday.
Putin demonstrates that he understands the complexity of the situation and the challenges we are facing. Therefore, he is not announcing a strict quarantine but addressing to the consciousness of people to come out of the coming crisis together. Let’s start by just staying at home so we don’t infect each other. As for economic situation, Russia has been going through harder times than now.

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