(VIDEO) Thousands Macedonians March Demanding Implementation of People’s Referendum Will – No to Name Change, NATO and EU!

(Браќа и сестри, веста за ТРИТЕ Референдумски НЕ на англиски за споделување на патиотски ФБ групи, пријатели и медуми во странство).

One year after the 30/09/2018 referendum on Macedonia’s EU / NATO accession with a name change, the people took to the streets of Macedonia’s capital Skopje to remind the usurpers of power in Macedonia and their globalo-fascist bosses of their legitimate referendum will: TRIPLE NO TO NATO/EU and WESTERN-sponsored attempts to erase an entire nation!.


NEVER NORTH, ONLY MACEDONIA was echoing in the streets of Skopje, and golden-red banners were flying everywhere. The people do not want in the EU and NATO neither accept any illegal, anti-constitutional and antidemocratic change of their Macedonian state and Macedonian national identity. The Western myth of prosperity and democracy is shattered in the eyes of Macedonians who have seen first hand all the Western misery and modern globalism and fascism. The truth is that, and we Macedonians, create the future for ourselves.

Sunday’s march in front of the EU building of thousands of people despite the occupation, repression, censorship by the foreign-installed illegitimate Junta led by SDS and sabotage of the neutered quasi-opposition VMRO-DPMNE and its globalist-paid Soros installations defeated everyone in the heap and came out boldly and loudly with the key message: This is the start of the National Referendum Will – NO to NATO, EU, no to Prespa and other anti-constitutional treaties – and proclaimed the people’s referendum will as an OBLIGATION OF ANY FUTURE MACEDONIAN GOVERNMENT!

One of the organizers, Rodina MACEDONIA welcomed yesterday’s march from the EU to thousands of patriots and proclaimed that on the anniversary of this wonderful day of resistance, September 30, 2019 announcing the BEGINNING OF IMPLEMENTATION OF MACEDONIAN PEOPLE’S REFERENDUM WILL and its THREE “NO”!

Join us in building the beautiful victorious vision, strategy and program of sovereign free Macedonia together with all the freedom-loving peoples of the world who are fighting the same struggle, from Hungary, Italy, Britain, France to Germany, the United States, Russia and so on. Nations and sovereignty everywhere defeat the great evil of global neoliberalism and its aims of an eternal national, financial and personal slavery for every nation and individual in favor of corrupt world elites and their domestic quislings. Join us in defeating them in Macedonia and defending our freedom and our future, stated the new political force RODINA MACEDONIA!


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